Ivan E Nunez

User Experience strategy and Design

Providing strategic experience direction for a data system.

Users of a State government data repository required high-quality data reports, dashboards, and visualizations for swiftly comprehending insights that assist them in making informed decisions.

Challenge: The data sources for the repository are extensive, and the data consumption experience must cater to continually expanding and evolving use cases. The objective was to create an experience that enables citizens, organizations, and government entities to easily and accurately access and utilize the data.

Approach: Given the extensive list of stakeholders, it was vital to understand user needs and constraints, identify commonalities, and integrate them with both current and future use cases. Additionally, in the process of crafting data reports and interfaces, I collaborated with the State to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other relevant metrics.

Activities: Stakeholder interviews, data input and output workflows, prioritizing use cases.

Outcome and deliverables: A roadmap for a sustainable and scalable direction in experience design for the data portal.

  • Seven personas with priority map
  • Experience flows for data consumers and contributors
  • Portal architecture and templates
  • UI design guide with design direction and accessibility considerations.