Ivan E Nunez

User Experience strategy and Design


I provide solutions leading to meaningful user-centric experiences that strengthen relationships between people, brands, services, and products.

User Experience Research & Strategy
I work to shape the strategic vision for experiences and provide tactical insights that directs design while collaborating with technologists to inform development. As a researcher, I conduct stakeholder interviews and Design Thinking workshops to inform personas, journeys and use cases. I collaborate with business stakeholders, product owners and engineers to frame problems while leveraging qualitative and quantitative methods to identify the direction and value of solutions. Deliverables include comprehensive research plan, point-of-view document, personas, experience flows/journeys, competitive analysis, user experience vision and guiding principles document, use case analysis, product roadmap, key performance indicators, competitive and best practices assessment.

User Experience Design
I provide recommendations and guidance on optimizing experience flows and creating meaningful and intuitive visual interfaces and interactions. I propose content organization to best deliver information. Understanding user needs and interactive trends, I explore opportunities for experience innovation. Deliverables include site information architecture, wireframes, interactive prototypes, design guides and systems, user testing plan, accessibility guide and testing.

Service/Organizational Design
I observe processes and interactions and conduct interviews to provide insights on how people interact with a service, organization or a brand and identify process gaps. My goal is to define experience strategies that promote efficiencies, growth and innovation. Deliverables include competitive analysis, key touchpoint audit, multi-channel ecosystem map, process maps, service blueprints, end-to-end service concepts, service prototypes, alignment workshops, roadmaps.

I am a holistic thinker that thrives solving ambiguous problems. I am committed to helping business and organizations be true to their goal of being people-first. I am passionate about leading, providing guidance and mentoring. I push for high client satisfaction by meeting and exceeding project objectives. I value trust, transparency and accountability.

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