I provide solutions that lead to meaningful user-centric experiences that strengthen relationships between people and brands, services, and products.

I provides expertise in these areas:

Evaluation of current site, system or digital experience
If digital experiences already exist, I leverage my knowledge of user experience best practices to prepare a point-of-view document identifying strengths and weaknesses of the experiences.


Content inventory
As a step toward proposing changes to content organization, I audit and catalog entire contents of a website or digital experience.

Content Audit

User profiles and personas
Through site analytics, individual interviews, trend analysis and client collaboration I create personas to represent a group of users of the site, system or digital experience. The objective is to focus the digital experience on the user by understanding her wants, needs, personal and social contexts.

User flows
Understanding the users of the digital experience, I design illustrations (flows) of how user should move through that experience and outline activation points where they will interactive to satisfy a business goal (purchasing an item, for example.)

user flow
User stories
I write narratives explaining users motivations and actions. Then, using my knowledge of current digital technology, I write detailed narrative of interactions. These users stories can then be used during development and quality assurance.

Information architecture/taxonomy
Understanding site user’s needs and expectations and the client’s business requirements, I create sitemaps and spreadsheets to classify and organize content. The result is a hierarchical structure to inform how content authors will apply content to the site or digital experience.

information architecture and taxonomy

Wireframes and prototypes
To inform design and development of digital experiences, I develop schematics to represent the content hierarchy on the screen and the points of interaction. The schematics may also represent variations of the experience on different screen sizes (responsive design) or unique mobile interfaces.


Additional services include:

  • Collaboration with Business Analysts to define business and functional requirements.
  • Researching and documenting site features and experiences across brands to provide a competitive analysis.
  • Along with the user profiles, information and taxonomy, providing content strategy document outlining recommendations for content creation and governance.