Ivan E Nunez

User Experience strategy and Design

Enhanced authentication for rewards program.

A large air carrier prioritized enhancing the security of its rewards program to safeguard both its customers and the company from online threats. I proposed a strategy for implementing the optimal multi-factor authentication experience.

Challenge: Access to the rewards program relied solely on a username and password combination, which proved to be an insecure authentication method susceptible to password sharing, guessing, or loss. Additionally, this authentication approach lacked scalability. As a result, the airline’s customers viewed its technologies as outdated and vulnerable.

Approach: I examined the strategies employed by competitors in conveying the importance of improved security, how they guide customers toward adoption, and their design of the user interfaces for their authentication experiences. I also collaborated with technologists to understand the existing security architecture and identify the security platform features. I then highlighted insights from the competitive analysis and recommended a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) implementation illustrated through customer journeys and a prototype.

Activities: Competitive analysis with competition perceptual maps, principles to guide the solution, experience flow with authentication triggers, project roadmap.

Outcome and deliverables: A strategy for MFA implementation for the rewards program with clarity on the state of enhanced authentication amongst this air carrier’s competitors. The strategy included principles to guide the solution, short-term and long-term development options with pros and cons, and an implementation roadmap.